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Executive Director Peace Hope Pakistan

Message By Mr. Faisal Ilyas
Executive Director Peace Hope Pakistan.

My heart is filled with thanksgiving for the wonderful year 2017 and 2018 which gave lot of successes and achievements with regard to building peace among different religions, sects and countries at large. I would like to pay my heartily regards in the favor of all who directly or indirectly contributed for building peace and harmony. I feel pleasure to share for all our national and international supporters, friends and collaborators. Throughout the two years we organized peace building, interfaith harmony, conflict resolution, national and international days, religious events celebrations, trainings, seminars, conferences, workshops and many other needful activities in Lahore or elsewhere in the country or outside the country. Knowledge is a virtue; Peace Hope is contributing to pass information and also organizing awareness programs to strengthen youth in their social and religious aspects. I also witnessed the urge to promote co-existence and togetherness among all religions in the world, especially among different religions.

Peace Hope staff participates in all religious events i.e. Eid-ul-Fitr, Holi, Iftar Parties, Easter and Christmas celebrations to give a message of love, care and solidarity. People living in the country belong to different religions, sects, cultures and regions and speaking different languages. We collaborate with them in different ways to promote peace and harmony. Personally, I had a great experience while organizing, participating and attending programs regarding peace building by following the agenda of the organization, Peace Hope welcomes all honorable guests; speakers and general community to participate for the betterment. They also share their views and feel pleasure to be the part of our programs.

Being project leader at Paris Peace Forum-1st Edition, I represented Pakistan at international level for the first time. In the forum there were 65 heads of states, more than 10,000 people from various countries and 120 project leaders from various backgrounds gathered to share their governance and developmental ideas to make the world more human friendly. Peace Education for interfaith youth in Pakistan is the real need of the hour. We should promote it in schools, colleges and universities to sensitize our youth for better future.

I say thank you very much for all your moral and financial support in many ways to continue the good work for the promotion of peaceful co-existence in Pakistan and in the whole world at large. Thank you!