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Information About Peace Hope Pakistan

About Peace Hope Pakistan.

Peace Hope is the non-profit organization working for the promotion of peace, interfaith harmony and implementation of human rights in Pakistan since April 4, 2017. Peace is the need of the hour and through interfaith harmony, awareness sessions, cultural activities, seminars, conferences, training workshops and implementation of human rights can bring peace in Pakistan and in the whole world at large.

A like-minded group of individuals from different backgrounds; religions, sects, casts and gender collectively decided to develop an organization to address the social problems. Main root causes of the Pakistan’s nation being developing since 1947 are low literacy rate, intolerance, extremism, unemployment and violation of human rights.

Peace Hope is addressing three major areas of Peace building through education, culture and awareness. Promotion Interfaith harmony through training workshops, seminars and dialogues among inter and intra-faith community. Implementation of human rights by following the 17 SDGs set by The United Nations throughout the year and the celebration of all national and international days while collaborating with NGOs & CSOs working at grass root levels in Pakistan or elsewhere in the world. Peace Hope also spreading the positive message through website:, Face Book page: and print media to stay in contact with the community. We believe in networking and collaborations with other organizations. PH is in contact as a member organization in the network of Paris Peace Forum, Community World Service Asia, The United Nations, Caritas Pakistan, BURGAT, European Academy of Religion, CHANAN and DAMEN.

Peace Hope welcomes all the organizations to work together for the world peace because PEACE IS THE HUMAN AGENDA.